Jam Culture / Jam Stories

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  1. I've never gotten to perform as a band member, but I regularly jam with some buddies of mine and I guess I've been wondering about your guys' perceptions about jam culture. I personally think jamming is essential to the creative process because pure composition will lack the true emotion and feeling of a musical moment, but in a jam you're entirely playing off that feel.

    Me and my buddies generally jam completely improv and it's some of the most fun playing I ever have. Plus it's great ear training and groove practice. Just the other night we had a sick little G major thing going and I generally never solo, but the guitarist got burnt out on melody I think and I noticed him sticking to the chords so I went on and had a little A Dorian thing over the top, and well I guess I'm just a little proud of this one rare little moment of musical prowess I had.

    So, anyway what are your feelings on jams or your favorite jam moments?
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