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  1. Anyone have experience with Jay Turser? I just purchased a JT pclone for $60.00. I purchased it for a project bass. I will remove the paint/finish and create my own look. I am anticipating changing machine heads, nut, pups (Seymour Duncan SPB3 quarter pounders), bridge (badass II), and pots.

    I have read some reviews and mostly state that original JT components aren't bad. So you ask, why replace components?

    It's a project bass and I want to put my own personality on it and make it special to me. And I want to have fun modifying.

    Also, I have read that the neck dive could be a problem. (add a counter weight on the body)?

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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    If the components aren't all that bad you might as yourself why a good set of replacement pickups (Fender, SD's. DiMarzio's) cost as much as that entire bass. It's definitely a modfiers dream bass. When all is said and done all you may have left from the original is the body.

    I'm not criticizing but I see lots of posts where guys have spent hundreds modifying basses like that but in the end the bass is still only worth a fraction of what they put into it. I just wonder if it wouldn't be more worthwhile to do less modification on a
    slightly higher end bass with better resale value.

    Of course if you never sell it well that's another thing. :)
  3. I was just thinking earlier about how I wanted to get a cheapo bass and do this. Please keep us updated on your upgrading/personalizing.
  4. My girlfriend has the Jay Turser P bass. Weighs maybe 3 pounds. The straplocks fell off. She put grip tape on the back of the neck and covered it with stickers. good tone.

    I also have a Jay Turser, the 600 A. Not bad basses
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    I had a Turser JTB-401 (the P clone) and it was a good bass. The body was so light that it had neck dive, but I added a bridge cover and stuck adhesive tire weights under it to balance it out. That worked great, and the bass was so light that it still only weighed about 8 pounds including the weights.

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    I have one (P-bass clone). Picked the best one from three. It does have some neck dive due to light body, but it is not that bad. Fretwork is good - almost no fret buzz, but some fret ends are sharp. Again, considering how much I paid it, not a big deal. I originally intended to replace the pickups, but they actually don't sound that bad. They are totally usable.

    Does anybody know which type of wood they use for the body?
  7. Thanks for all the input. I plan to have fun creating my own Frankenstein.
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    My Pbass clone...customized!! Checkout the before & after. It sounds good but I need to do a little more tweaking to get it the way I want it to sound. It's not bad for £65, NOT including the black scratchplate & chrome extras. :cool:

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    I agree! Jay Tursers aren't bad, although they aren't good! Just mod them, and you'll have a very decent instrument. I know a guy who started with a Jay Turser, invested about 700$ in it, and has a bass as good as a Musicman. It's incredible.
  10. I've got at JT 51 P clone and it ain't too bad...ain't very light either:) The neck on this one is a monster, with a highly figured maple f-board and super-low action right off the rack. It plays great, feels great, looks great, and sounds......well, sound is subjective I guess:) I bought this one as a project (cause of the neck) and got bored with the project before I got too far into it. Makes for a nice practice/backup piece though.
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    I can honestly say, after working on my Turser P Bass neck. The rosewood on the fret board is not rosewood. It is either plastic or some type of composite material. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    I used to have one. It wasn't a bad bass, but the neck was a little too thick for my tastes and I switched to a Jazz Bass. When I go back and hear recordings I've made with it, I always admire the tone.
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    I've had a Turser 335 clone for years- great value. It's my mule, I've done electronics upgrades, put a Dimarzio in the bridge, added a coil cut, changed out the tuners. It is a very nice sounding and playing guitar for what I paid for it.
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    Does anyone knows what model number is the Jay Turser copy of Warwick's corvette bass ? 20201005_065230.jpg