Jazz Bass Pickup Mods - Recommendations.

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  1. Cresno


    Sep 6, 2017
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    Hi all,

    I have a 1990 MIJ Fender Squier Silver Series Jazz Bass that I'm looking to upgrade the pickups on. I play both finger and pick style, using a sans amp deluxe as part of my pedal board array. I'm looking to get more growl in the bottom end, and more brightness in the top. Not a fan of muddy mids or wobbly bass tones. What passive options can you recommend?
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    My first question is have you tried stainless steel strings on that bass? D'Addario ProSteels are an inexpensive option that's available just about everywhere online or retail. They might give you the bright top and growly lows you're hoping for.

    Beyond that, I'll let other's offer their suggestions. Mine, based on your stated goals: Nordstrand NJ4 in the 70s winding.
  3. Cresno


    Sep 6, 2017
    The Inner West
    I currently use GHS round wound bass boomers which I'm very happy with. The Nordstrand NJ4 have piqued my interest based on other threads (and now your recommendation!). Thanks.
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  4. Seymour Duncan quarter pounders.
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