Jazz Bass V-Mod vs CS60

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  1. Hey hey,

    After almost a year of playing my American Professional Jazz Bass (I), I’ve been wondering if anyone has compared the stock V-Mod pickups and the CS60. These last ones seem to be praised around here while the V-Mod not so much and it’s really the only difference that is not obvious to me between late Am Std and the Am Pro models
  2. I've never played V-mods, but I've got the CS60s in my 2010 Am.Std Jazz. All the good stuff you've heard about them is true, they're growly, articulate, punchy, defined, and vintage at the same time - they make your bass come alive. Highly recommended!
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  3. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Just install a CS60 J set into your Am Pro , you will found dramatic different .....
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