Jimmy Bond, James E. Bond,jr QUESTIONS

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  1. One of my two fave DB players. What kind of bass(or basses) did he play? I always loved his tone. His strings? Is he still alive? If so, where?
  2. Love him on Art Pepper's Intensity
    Great clear bass on that record, sounds like guts to me
    I read/heard that he stopped playing professionally sometime in the 70s and got into real estate - hopefully someone can comment to the truth of that though
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    This one?
  4. Bump. Surely someone here knows more than what's on ask.com. :help:
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    I did a little research, and his name causes a bit of a problem. After 9 pages on my google search, it was still pulling up stuff about 007. Seems like the guy could swing though, given his resume.
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    This info is a "tad" dated, but the last time I saw him was at the KC Jazz Festival 1964 (gulp!) :) He was with Clare Fischer. I forget who was on drums. I do remember that I was disappointed since I was expecting to see Gary Peacock who was just getting popular at the time because of the album First Time Out..
    Jimmy Bond did, however , prove to be a great sub and played beautifully. I think there is a tune by them on the limited edition album from the KC Festval.
  8. Here's a bit from the Intensity liner notes:
    "...Jimmy Bond is also a Philadelphian, and [Dolo] Coker knew him there from the time he was thirteen. Bond was born Jan 27, 1933 studied piano when he was ten, and started bass at fourteen. From 1950-54 he studied bass a the Juilliard School of Music in New York. His first professional jobs were in and around Philadelphia with such musicians as Charlie Parker, Philly Joe Jones, Jimmy Heath, Benny Golson, and Red Garland. During his Juilliard days he worked with Eddie Haywood, Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt. In 1955-56 he toured the U.S. and Europe with Chet Baker; in 1956-67 he worked with Ella Fitzgerald on the West Coast; in 1958-59 he was in the East with Sonny Rollins, Carmen McRae, and on tour with George Shearing. Since 1959 he has lived and worked in Los Angeles....
    By Lester Koenig February 3, 1963"
  9. Howdy, thanks for all the responses, but, where the heck is he? LA? Philly? Elsewhere? Does he have kids? If he's still kickin', I'd love to talk with him, or, even just email or mail him to let him know how much I appreciated him. Damn, he played with 4 of my FAVES, too, ie Chet Baker, Carmen McRae, Fred Neil, and Tim Buckley. Oh, & Ella, as well. The ex-hubby Ray or Jimmy? That'd be a great question to ask her, but, too late for a flesh body answer. That covers alot of musical territory in itself. He also played on Frank Zappa's 1st solo LP, Lumpy Gravy, but, I'm not much of a Mothers fan. More help or suggestions, please.
  10. I was exposed to Jimmy via a Paul Horn side on HI FI Jazz called " Something Blue".
    This album is very good, West Coast, early 60's w. Billy Higgins [very young] Emil Richards on vibes, Paul Moer on piano, JB on bass and Paul Horn on reeds and flute.
    They have a tune called "Mr. Bond".... If you are going to own one Paul Horn record....
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    Oh that's right, Emil played with that band. I should ask him about Jimmy. I'm curious about him now.
  12. That's actually available on CD, I may have to track it down. That was 1960, before he(Horn) took acid & became a new age pioneer,lol. I actually heard part of that LP at Dave Murray's (Atlanta DB player) house back in 69 or 70 while I was still a teener. It was at his house that I also heard Lenny Breau(the 2 RCA albums) for the first time. Damn.:eek: I looked for that Horn LP, but, it appeared to be deleted by then. Glad you brought up the album, I had forgotten all about it. I really liked the bass player, but, didn't even remember it was Jimmy. Chalk up yet another one for James Bond! Unfortunately, the only 2 LP's I have of his(Horn) are from the dreaded era & I bought them in the 50 cent cutouts back in the day. I think they're both on the Ovation label. One is the one with Burton & Morello. It still sucked last time I listened to it, probably 30 years ago. Besides Jimmy, is Dave Murray still in Atlanta? I think he still may be with the ASO in some capacity. His wacky, younger brother Drew(EB player & became a DJ) was a pal my age. Do I need 007 to track down Jimmy or Dave?
  13. Please do! Somebody, somewhere's gotta have a line.
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    James Edward Bond Jr. 1933-2012
  15. Really? Recently?
  16. Do you have a link to an obit or article?
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    Jimmy died last evening, April 26, 2012. He had been ill for several years but as recent as his past birthday enjoyed an evening out listening to jazz. He often played privately for close friends and he loved encouraging young musicians. He was a true renaissance man with a wonderful eye for art and architecture in addition to his musical talents. He had a wicked sense of humor and will be missed by all of us who knew and loved him and I see from these postings by those who enjoyed his music over the years. A memorial service is being planned in Los Angeles.
  18. It's gettin' late here, I'm in the middle of an awful chore & don't feel like I'd be too coherent,lol, but, I'd like to continue this.
  19. RIP Jimmy. Great player. Red Mitchell chose him for the bass chair on Red's "Red Mitchell's cello debut" side, along with Jim Hall, Frank Strazzerri and Frank Butler. Red also used him on Red's piano playing gigs around L.A. Enough said? A real swinger, he was.