SOLD John East Retro Deluxe preamp with marcus miller contour

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    Hi I have a Mint John East Retro deluxe pre,with the Marcus Miller comtour for sale asking $180 shipped.Pre amp was installed in my jazz bass,used only once to test functions,and it works flawlessly.Battery prong clip was snipped so as to to connect hot,and negative straight to the battery box.All instructions and original box with be shipped with the preamp.

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  2. CoolBassvibes

    CoolBassvibes Supporting Member

    preamp was bought last month
  3. Mr_O'B


    Feb 22, 2015
    What does Marcus contour mean?
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  4. CoolBassvibes

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    its means that it has the contour,or voicing of the Marcus miller,for the Fender style plate he has for those basses.The J Retro has a different voicing.Great pre amps for sure MARCUS RETRO - J STYLE BASSES - BASS
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