K&K Bass Master Pro to UK?

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  1. Hi I'm a student living in London, UK and was thinking of ordering a Bass Master Pro from (AH) Bob Gollihur, and it's my understanding that I'm gonna have to pay for postage as quoted on the website, plus pay for the preamp mounting kit in addition to the cost of the pickups, amounting to $282 ($237 for the bass master pro, 17 for the pickup mounting kit and 28 for the postage) or £160. Now I was wondering if anyone has ordered this item or something similar in the UK and was wondering if there's import duty to pay or any other costs that I don't know about. I'm also wondering if it would have to be sent to my home address as printed on my credit card, cos i don't actually live there most of the time (I'm in student accomodation) and it'd be inconvenient for me to have to get it sent up here from home. Thanks :)
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    I ordered a K&K Bass Max direct from K&K to England, and got hit with a £30 tax bill for it. Which meant, in my case, that it would have been cheaper to buy it in this country.
    I believe the violin shop in Stoke Newington, hackney sells K&K stuff. They're called Bridgewood & Neitzert, and have a website at www.londonviolins.com
  3. I've ordered a few things from Bob, and they've always been shipped extremely quickly... a couple of preamps (which slipped under the C&E radar) and an AI Focus head (which, unsuprisingly, didn't).

    The Focus was a relative bargain even taking the tax into account.

    I would play safe.. assume you're going to get hit with a tax bill of approximately 22% of the total (inc. shipping).

    If it's still a good price, go for it.

    If it isn't, don't bother.
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    I ordered a Double Big Twin and Pure Preamp from Bob - it was held up at customs and they slapped on a charge of £20...

    But given the favourable £ to the $ exchange. Mine worked out pretty well ...:)
  5. That's what I was thinking, even if i paid 50 quid in import duty it would still be cheaper than buying it over here!
    How does the double big twin sound on a stentor? I thought I'd get the bass master pro cos the stentor I tried (getting in Jan) was a bit bright sounding and thought the combination of pickups will help as the bass mellows out, plus I'm all for the idea of getting an all-round sound. Cheers.
    Noone's given me any reply about the delivery query yet...
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    I'd ask Bob about that - send an email - he's very helpful! :)
  7. I 'm pretty sure Bob will only ship to your home address but, as Bruce says, ask him...
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    No prob, I've sent a ton (literally) of stuff to the UK. Email me for specifics.