SOLD LA-1A compressor, SY-300 Synth pedal, PSA-1.1 rack unit

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    Jul 30, 2017
    Canada, Eh!
    British Columbia
    Marriage-Moving-Mortgage sale:
    (Cross-country move imminent - liquidating studio to raise cash, lots more postings to follow!)

    Prices include trackable postal shipping to USA or Canada. (International postage will be a bit more, PM me for a quote)

    SOLD USD $425 Effectrode LA-1A leveling amplifier in mint condition.
    Comes with original box, power supply, manual and rubber feet.
    Used less than 1 hour in studio.

    SOLD Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer with power supply
    Excellent condition, has seen about two hours of total studio time (never gigged). EMPYREAN Ultimate Patches disk included.

    SOLD USD $500 Tech 21 PSA-1.1 Sansamp Rackmount Amp Simulator
    Excellent condition, rack (etc) not included:
    "The rackmount PSA is a powerful combination of dazzling analog SansAmp tones, unlimited editing and dependable digital programmability. The result is a phenomenal pre-amp that can be mercilessly tweaked, while favorite sounds can be stored with the push of a button. Each of the expanded range of eight controls, including usefully defined parameters such as Buzz, Crunch and Punch, has 256 incremental steps for ultra-precise adjustments. Shipped with 49 factory presets and 49 user definable locations, the PSA packs a universe of tone in a single rack space. Via Midi, you can load and off-load presets, map program locations and select Midi channels (including Omni Mode). Make remote changes via Midi (consider Tech 21’s own MIDI Mouse - see my other listings for a brand new one!) or optional momentary footswitch (not included)..."

    ** rack and other stuff will be posted soon... :)

    la_20210305_220924985.jpg la_20210305_221003419.jpg la_20210305_221026807.jpg la_20210305_221041969.jpg sy_20210305_222037201.jpg sy_20210305_222114544.jpg sy_20210305_222226263.jpg sy_20210305_222311954.jpg sy_20210305_222426164.jpg psa_20210302_055741232.jpg psa_20210302_055751766.jpg psa_20210302_060045962.jpg
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    Congratulations. Glwts.
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    If I didn't already have an LA-1A, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. Awesome, amazing compressor!

    No half-measures there! Glwtmmm! :thumbsup:
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    Congrats, Mikey!
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    Congrats, pal!
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    PM'd re: SY-300