SOLD Lakland DJ 4 Skyline

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    2881D307-2D72-4A27-A10D-465560A23465.jpeg 4512733A-BDFE-4CBF-AA0E-43BD4C31A160.jpeg 04B1C5DA-5127-4FAF-AB0D-2AE38B0F7452.jpeg A53B1DE4-46FD-4C22-BC91-9E000787BC4C.jpeg 69EF614D-F6D5-48E3-979C-FF402D47023D.jpeg EBB46DDF-4496-465B-8C9E-7E414BF54C07.jpeg 3A514FF2-937C-4A32-8F3A-CDFA7D38D821.jpeg 088BD7FC-4BC0-41C5-B80C-00FAC91B1A05.jpeg E16B7C3B-74FB-45F6-93D1-27EFA91F48A2.jpeg 26012034-4C2A-4758-BAC9-433B9D8457EE.jpeg
    ***Bump with a new price $725
    Absolutely beautiful Lakland Skyline DJ4. 2007 model. It’s a beaut and it’s in really great condition. Strung with XL flats and has great tone. I would take the US vs Skyline challenge with this baby all day long. It is on the heavy side (just under 10lbs)

    Only trade I’m interested in is for a Lakland Shortscale Hollowbody...the only trade I’m into right now.

    $850 shipped conus. No bag or case but will be expertly packed and insured
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    Fralins ?
  3. I think so, it's an early DJ. One of the LOG guys might confirm. @basspraiser
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    I thought the earlier Jones basses came from the factory with Aeros. Great bass all day
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  5. Here is what it got F9F8BCB2-392B-4F57-8F56-3D74D32B3355.jpeg
  6. In 2006 they started the transition from stock aero p'ups to the lakland p'ups. I think by 2007 the aeros were no longer stock p'ups on the DJ's. Those are the lakland hanson p'ups. Aeros had black and white wire. Both are fine p'ups.

    Fralins came on the Glaub sig P basses.

    Yours is a beauty btw,....wish I had some "play money" handy, I'd be tempted to snatch it!
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    With or without a case and what Pick Guard Color?
  8. No case, will be expertly packed and insured. Two Pick Guards included.
  9. pedroims


    Dec 19, 2007
    Very tempting. I have never seen a natural DJ with pearloid blocks, all the ones I have seen have black blocks. Do you know if the neck is original to the body or if it is a replacment?
  10. It's the original. They did a run back in 06-07.These don't show up too often, I'm surprised it's still here.
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