Latin double bass : Nanigo, Cha cha, tango etc tips

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by Mister Cbass, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Mister Cbass

    Mister Cbass

    Jun 30, 2011

    Sorry if it's not the good section. I was not sure.

    I'm workin on latin style music. It's a new world to discover. Very pleasant with the db.
    I'use the latin bass method ( George Lopez) for E bass, but the samples are fine for db.
    for the moment I'm working on sample / groove / clave of
    Mambo - cha cha - bolero - naningo

    I love the " groove " of the cha cha, others too, but cha cha have something special.

    I would be pleased if you could give me some song title in these style of music.

    Maybe some examples of naningo ?

    Here is the pattern

    How do you "manage " this with your right hand ? One finger, alterned ?
    It's really groovy, love that. But I've some difficulties with the right hand..

    I've also get the latin bass book and 9 easy latins standards.
    I think I have all the Tools to work and progress and of course your tips and suggestion.

    I will give me the goal : 1 year work latin db, and after find a band.

    Have a nice day.
    Courage in this so particular period , lockdown and covid, to all.

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  2. Mister Cbass

    Mister Cbass

    Jun 30, 2011
    up edit with the good pattern ( I've posted the drum) .

    For the moment I pay it I-M-I-M-I-I-I or I-I-I-M-I-I-I-I right hand.
    It's quite speed for me, the first solution is more confortable but maybe not the best "academic " way to play this riff.
  3. dhergert

    dhergert Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2018
    Blue Zone, California
    So, is this more Latin than you're wanting here?

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  4. Mister Cbass

    Mister Cbass

    Jun 30, 2011
    yes my friends :hyper:
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