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For Sale LENZNER Brand new E Gut free postage

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe and International [DB]' started by labravajazz, Jun 16, 2020.

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    7C56550C-5565-4CFD-B468-7749B9C91CB2.jpeg Hi quality German made Lenzner E strings in several gauge sizes from heavy 3.55 - medium 3.45
    Best online price I can see is $105.40 plus postage
    My price $50 free postage world wide
    I just opened one so you can see the condition is like brand new. The rest are pretty much sealed so I’m assuming they are the same.
    The style and quality is arguably similar to Chorda by Pirastro but they cost over $200 for a single E!
    At this price it’s worth it to try a Quality European wound gut E ...
    C9278865-D6FB-473A-9F90-D8261010E9E5.jpeg 7C56550C-5565-4CFD-B468-7749B9C91CB2.jpeg BE1DA73B-EEDD-4462-A79A-8760C7EF5EB4.jpeg DC6BB71D-FB3F-44CD-8511-45559D59BADD.jpeg
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  2. Hi, are the strings still available ?
  3. Yes I still have some here. I e been offline for a few months but back on deck now
    I need to just refresh my memory as to what I have - I think there is a little choice of gauges
    Let me know what you are ideally looking for?
    Cheers David
  4. Heavy gauge would be perfect.
    Also my bass is a 4/4 with 110cm string lengh.
    Can you mesure it lengh so i can be sure that it fit to my bass ?
  5. I once knotted some nylon line to a naked gut string (Efrano) that was too short for my 4/4, 110 cm 5-string. Worked well, didn’t look too nice, but not too ugly. Never had a Lenzner string so cannot help you with that.
    Contact me if you want a photo.
  6. Not sure if it’s gonna work on a silver wrap one…
    I’ll be curious to see how you made it !
  7. Well, I borrowed the Efranos to Hervé Jeanne, but basically I made the gut wet, made a knot in it and fiddle the braided nylon line through the middle hole of the knot. Then I made a (double?) knot the same way with the nylon line so that the gut string runs through it. Then fasten the knots and move them so that they touch each other. Let the gut dry and put the string on. It might slip a bit during tune up, but only to get the knots tighter. So do it slowly.
    Be sure to make the second knot in the right turning direction so that the knots can sit most closely.

    Wound gut always ends in naked gut or with a wide spread winding. I haven’t tried that with gut but a different method worked with a high C synthetic core flat metal wound string:


    This is the same kind of knots, it each needed to be tightened maximally with pliers and the limit is a double knot, a triple one cannot be fastened enough. I needed several ones because the string still slipped with a single one. With several ones slipping of one distributed the frictional force to multiple knots and fastens the upper ones too. Leave some more string stick out of the uppermost knot as you see on the picture as the knot might slip about a cm during fastening. The synthetic core was too slippery to make a knot in it like with the gut strings. Also this thin synthetic string core could easily break if it got bended too much like in a knot. Keep in mind that it is a high C string and has a thinner core than the regular set.
    That method might work on pure metal windings, but best on the silk spun parts or other rough surface. Maybe some thin rubber between string and knots would work catching a flat wound string, but there is always the risk stripping the windings from the core, specially if the knots are not maximally tightened.

    Sorry for catching that thread, I should better post that in the string section.
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  8. Ok, so I had a look at these - I have a couple of 3.5 and one 3.55 which would be the heaviest
    They are unwrapped still in original packages but I opened this one so you can see. A bit hard to measure exactly as I couldn’t stretch it right out but approximately 150 cms up to where the silver winding ends but then a length of plain gut there which I didn’t measure
    I’ll take a photo 6D1A8E64-5C79-4B1C-A17E-997C9C213CD3.jpeg 6D1A8E64-5C79-4B1C-A17E-997C9C213CD3.jpeg
  9. Perfect thanks ! It fit well to my bass no problem !
    Can i buy the 3.55 please ?
    Let's talk in PM.
  10. Thanks ! It's good to know that it works well ! The string i'll buy will fit nicely, without any length problem.
  11. JohnWT


    Jun 5, 2015
    Difficult to tell but the ad is not marked "sold". If you still have a Lentzner E I'd like to buy it. I'm in Sydney, Australia which, I think, is where you are.