Les Claypool CT Antimatter bass

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    Hello there!
    I'm doing some research over the infamous Antimatter bass, but there are so few informations...

    From ctbasses Les Claypool | Carl Thompson | Fine Handmade Instruments:

    “For the Anti-Pop tour, Les will rely heavily on his new Carl Thompson 4-string, which he received just after the sessions were done. ‘This is the most awesome instrument ever,’ Claypool gushes. ‘I’ve never seen an instrument like this; the whole thing is incredible.’ ” – Written by Karl Coryat of Bass Player

    Les’ fifth bass is a 36” scale 4 String fretted bolt on with a 1/8 layer of Macassar Ebony covering the whole top and headstock. It has 24 frets, two EMG-40DC pickups and includes a black Kahler tremelo.

    Note the re-cut lower horn in later photos. In order for Les to be able to reach the high frets, Carl re-carved some of the body after the bass was finished.
    I wonder what's the body core. Probably Mahogany?

    And why Les didn't played it so much?

    And what's this mockup??? Who did it? (Les himself???...) (Pic from ctbasses.com)