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Line 6 Variaxe Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Landy67, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. I just couldn't help myself. It looked so sad sitting there on the wall... So I took it home!

    I now have a new toy, but I don't have the manual for it. I was able to find the Quick Start Guide on the Line 6 web site, but not the owners manual.

    The bass came without the "special cable," or the correct battery pack (It's got a 9V which only lasts an hour or so) And the Quick Start Guide mentions the RJ45 connection is explained in the owners manual.

    I'm guessing I need to find a battery pack (6 AA batteries with a 9V connector) one of the special cables (Stereo instrument cable) and a PX-2 Power supply.

    Does anyone know how to use the RJ45 connector? Does it attach to an FVB pedal for updates and presets?

    I can't wait to hear it through my Genz Benz!
  2. Hues


    Nov 27, 2012
    see Burn Notice
  3. bampilot06


    Jan 10, 2013
    Shoot mjac28 a pm. He will know the answer.
  4. In addition to the PX2 power supply and a stereo cable, you will need the DI box that usually comes with the basses. If you are unable to find one, you can build one yourself. It's just a DC power supply and a direct box in one chassis.

    The Ethercon connector is for connection to a PODxt Live/POD X3, or whatever the latest POD is with a Variax input. (Or the Vetta amps, if I recall.) That won't be of any use to you if you intend to use the 1/4" output. They never developed the Variax editor software for the basses, and nor did they implement pitch shift options. Note that in any case, you should NOT be using an RJ45 cable for the digital connection. It is very easy to damage the jack that way, which is why the Ethercon connector was chosen, with its protective shell around the RJ45 connector in the center.
  5. That's the guide I was able to find. There are several references in it to a Owners Manual. "The uses of the RJ45 connection will be described in the owners manual."

    It looks like there's a official Variax Bass club. Does this mean I get another number?

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