SOLD Loaded Mustang P/J

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    ***Mustang is sold, Birdsong Embrace moved to its own thread

    I bought both of these basses here:
    Nothing wrong with them - I'm just interested in swapping one or both of these for something new. For example: a P-style bass with a slim neck, a hollowbody bass, or something else interesting with 4 strings (or 6 if it's a guitar :)). Also open to projects. Basically try me...

    For sale: $700 (was $750) for the Mustang, split actual shipping (ConUS & Canada only, shipping from Seattle). Please let me know if you need more photos.

    Thanks, Peter
    IMG_20200528_112213.jpg IMG_20200528_112235.jpg
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    Is the neck profile on the Mustang more P-like or jazz-like? Is the gig bag from the original Fender thread included? Thanks! :)
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    Apr 21, 2020
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    1.5" nut on the MIM Fender Mustang PJ bass. So it's like a J-bass neck. I upgraded the nut on my Mustang with a Jazz bass nut. It was a drop in replacement.

    (Super cool mods on that Mustang. Someone would do well to give this a good home.)
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    Thanks for answering - yes that's right :)
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