Looking for a decent entry level mic stand that can support a LDC

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    Sep 28, 2009
    I've been doing some home recording, and recently had a huge blunder. I've been using my tripod base Hercules mic stand with boom with my LDC. Something went wrong, and my mic stand tipped over into my Hercules triple guitar stand, and that went over two. Now I have a dented mic, and a guitar with a chunk out of the finish.

    So after the heartbreak, I need some new mic stands. I'm guessing the round weighted stands would be best. I'm still price conscious so I was looking at the entry level stuff by Ultimate (mc-05) and Atlas (MS-10c). I'm also ordering counter weighted booms (Ultimate ULTI-boom).

    Does anyone have experience with these stands or booms? Any comments on the clutch on either of these or the boom?
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    You are going to have to excuse my ignorance here. What is an LDC?
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    Sep 28, 2009
    Large diaphragm condenser mic
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    Ah. Big heavy mic....

    When you look at the physics of it, a boom mic is going to act like a lever, with the pivot point being, well the pivot where the boom meets the main upright. Your base weight MUST exceed that of the forces being applied by the weight at the end of the lever, and the mechanical advantages of the lever lengths.

    Simply speaking assuming the boom is out as far as the upright is up that base MUST be heavier than the mic. and you should have extra weight on it for a safety factor...

    Generally speaking, condenser mics aren't ideal for gigging, although they sound fantastic compared to dynamic, they are much more delicate, and heavy. Portable mic stands aren't really designed for them. You have a couple of options though...

    Assuming let's say your mic is a 2lb weight. And the upright and boom are extended 36". You will want a 3+ lb weighted base. AND the more weight on the base the better...

    • One option to get that weight is to add ballast to the base of your existing stands. Basically lay black fabric sand bags over the tripod legs.
    • A second, more permanent option is to replace your existing boom stands with weighted base boom stands. Make certain the weight of the stand is at least 5 lbs, and dispersed over a fairly large area. You want to "spread the load" as it were.
    Neither of these options is all that great for gigging unless you are young, or have young backs working for you that don't mind the added weight. If you are older / have a bad back, I would probably opt for the weighted base stands, and carry one at a time. No more than two.

    Of course if you have a cart to move your stuff and don't have stairs to deal with you are golden.
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    Sep 28, 2009
    This is just for my home audio. I offered some of the ultimate stands and counter weighted booms
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    For home studio I use an articulated boom arm type microphone stand. Kind of next to impossible to knock it over earthquakes not counting...
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    Feb 14, 2009
    Another option is the Cymbal stand to Mic stand coversion. You can usually find an old cymbal stand dirt cheap.
    And if you have a regular mic stand and a strip of rubber (as long as the diameters are close/right) they will
    usually go right together using the rubber strip to fill the gap.

    My drummer gave me an old cymbal stand and a boom arm, and I just screwed the base off of one of my mic
    stands and they went right together.
    This thing is super stout (the spread of the legs are also adjustable) and has no problem staying put even without a counter weight.
    And it's rattle free because it's rubber mounted.
    Just one "homebrew option".:)



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  8. Another option is to use a weight like you would put on a barbell (weight lifting) and just put the stand base through the hole in the weight.
    Here's an example...

    Mic Stand Counterweight - Josh Woodward