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M13/9 envelope filters with clips.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by cheapbasslovin, May 1, 2010.

  1. So there has been some talk about the M9 &13 and their filters. I've managed to make the filters work for me and I thought I'd do some clips and chat about it.

    The modes that work the best for me are BP and HP filter up. I am able to get these to sound a lot like my Qtron plus with the added benefit of a more detailed frequency range. I am able to get decent sounds out of the filter downs in HP and BP, but the decay on the filter is shorter than I prefer. Having the mix knob makes them really nice to use in these modes.

    The LP modes are more disappointing, but not horrifying. I can't seem to get that throbbing thick tone out of the M13 that I can out of my Qtron+. I don't need the throb for anything I am doing, but I really like this sound and can't get it. I can get a decent peaking filter sound, but no throb.

    The downside is that you have to attenuate the signal before the patch because there is no sensitivity knob. You may need to boost the signal after if you don't attenuate the whole signal. I'm using 3 spots to make one filter sound right which does kind of suck. I'm using the volume or overdrive patch to attenuate, and then the tube comp to boost back to unity. Kinda lame, but at this point the benefit outweighs the problem of putting the Tron back on the board.

    Now to the clip. I start with my most beloved tone. Bass octave in parallel with the volume/tron/comp. Tron is in HP mode. Then I switch to Bass octave in parallel with OD/Tron/comp.

    Next I go to a series signal. Tron Up, BP with mix at 50.

    Then Tron Up, LP mix at 100.

    Then Tron Down, LP mix at 100.

    Then Tron Down, BP mix at 50.

    My playing is all over the place, my practice setup is noisy and blah blah self deprecation blah blah.

    The clip is here!
  2. Thanks CBL - one of the things that's made me nervous about the M13/9 is the filters b/c I was so disappointed with the ones on the BOD Live. These sound MUCH improved to me.
  3. Swift713


    Dec 4, 2006
    Florence, Ma
    Yeah, thanks. I wouldn't say those sounded spectacular but they were much better than my previous experience with Line 6's filters. I too have been contemplating the M9 but am not sure if it can cover enough of my wants to justify the price. I still think I would want filter, od, and comp plus possibly my long delay.

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