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    Just posting this here in lieu of resurrecting old threads. I had a recording session Sunday and I got to use the house Manley VoxBox as a bass preamp - WOW!!! Such an amazing tone.

    I came prepared with my Noble DI - which is great - but the Manley put the Noble to shame. Huge tone. Just amazing. Highly recommended, but I've heard to delicate for live applications. My Noble is amazing for live settings, but the contrast between them was very apparent. Best my bass has ever sounded.

    The guy who did the "In A World" movie previews wouldn't work unless they put his deep voice through a Manley - now I know why!
  2. VoxBox is one of the few pieces I have a major lust for and agree it does an amazing job as a bass preamp, alas too much for my meager budget. An engineer I have worked with created a patch on my DBX ProVocal processor that is darn close, but I am sworn to secrecy.
  3. manley is known for their super high end hardware based applications. Their compressors, eq, di, mics and everything is super high end and very expensive. It has been said in other threads when you hear gear that is on that level in the recording studio nothing else compares. Same thing will occur when you hear your bass through a nice API, or neve front end using preamp, compressor, eq configuration. It really is something you have to hear to believe. There is a great difference and it is awesome. Glad you got to hear it!
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    The VoxBox is a great piece of gear for sure.

    If you're referring to the late, great Don LaFontaine, he reportedly used a Manley Ref Mic thru a Tube Tech MEC-1A in his studio for all his VO work.

    The Voice of God in High Def | Mixonline

    But he would have sounded great with any gear. I read once that Don L stumbled into that career path. Back in the 70's he was a trailer producer for one of the big film studios and one day his voice talent failed to make the session. In a pinch to get the trailer done and out the door he voiced it himself. And that day his career changed paths. That was the day he voiced the trailer for The Godfather.
  5. The tube tech mec1a is also a classic piece of gear. Tu be tech equipment is very pricey as well but we'll worth the entrance fee. Talk about taking a high end di straight to one of those suckers. Sick tone my friends