SOLD maple J body loaded - Bartolinis, brass saddles, etc

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    Jan 23, 2008
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    Up for sale is this beautiful maple Squier Vintage Modified jazz bass body with Bartolini 9J1 pickups, parchment pearl white pickguard, and brass saddle bridge. Came from my parts bass (USA Fender neck which sold) and sounded and played absolutely fantastic. The Bartolini pickups are noiseless (so no hum) with excellent warmth, punch, and clarity. Standard volume, volume, tone controls; upgraded to high-quality, sealed MightyMite pots. Black set-screw, metal knobs. Bridge base plate has some scratches, but brass saddles and height adjustment screws are new replacements. Body itself has some super minor cosmetic wear, but absolutely nothing that affects playability/functionality. I don't have a scale, so if weight is a super important factor, you may want to pass, but I would say it's just about average weight for a jazz body. Not lightweight, but also not heavier than a majority of the alder bodies that I've experienced.
    If you want it, I'd be happy to toss in the original black squier pickguard too.
    SALE PENDING $200 + approximate shipping to your location. CONUS deal and Paypal preferred. Only trade considered would be a partial trade for a decent reverb pedal, but I do still need to get majority cash in my pocket on this one.

    20191223_105034.jpg 20191223_104425.jpg 20191223_105218.jpg 20191223_105428.jpg 20191223_105648.jpg 20191223_111221.jpg 20191223_112824.jpg
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  2. grouse789

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    Jun 13, 2004
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    mm mm mmmmm That would make a nice Frankenspector. Slap a maple neck/ebony board on there and call it a day.
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