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Mark Deutsch: Fool

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by Silversorcerer, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. The composition "Fool" by Mark Deutsch features Deutsch on an instrument that he developed combining some sitar-type resonance features with a five string double bass. Think viola d'amore contrabasso. There is as much to contemplate/appreciate in the harmonic relationships explored by Deutsch as there is in the unique sounding instrument that he developed to explore them on.

    The music is somewhat Indian and Western Classical hybrid and moves through some contemplative and more energetic passages as the composition models the successive periods in a lifetime, paralleled by harmonic modulations. Even without all the conceptual foolishness, it is well worth the listen. The recording is available through Bazantar.com, which is Mark Deutsch's homepage for the instrument and the recording. You can hear samples of all of the passages, but it really is a total concept CD that is best appreciated start to finish.

    For those more adventurous listeners I think it is a must have. It is not new agey kitsch like one might think, even though mathematical/mystical fractal models are alluded to in both the album art and the harmonic analysis. The insert booklet features one of the best harmonic/partial note derivations I have seen. It is the same one as is posted on the web site and worth a look for anyone interested in the real structure of harmony.