Markbass Casa Head??

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  1. Tom Gotsch

    Tom Gotsch

    Sep 30, 2018
    Chicago, IL
    Hey everyone. I recently found that Michael League (Snarky Puppy) has a signature Markbass head. So naturally, I looked for demos on youtube and wow, there's one video of League playing on it and it sounds absolutely amazing. I was wondering, has anyone played with it?
  2. Panther


    Dec 9, 2004
    Nova Scotia
    I did briefly thru the Markbass 410 front ported cab. It was my favorite amp to date. Yes, the amp is really only half the size of the case but they went for a more classic look without all the real weight.
  3. penllyn


    Jan 10, 2019
    My fender studio bass combo (180w, some say 200w, all valve 6x6l6gc,7025,12au7,12at7, EVM15B) which I have been gigging and recording with for some years recently developed a fault.
    I decided that after just about 45 years of pro (more recently semi pro ) playing I would do my back a favour and buy something more modern, I would also not have that will it won't it feeling every time I switched it on.
    I had already decided to buy a barefaced cab, if the hype was even half true I would be very pleased.
    I had recently been to a snarky puppy gig and saw that the bass player was using a markbass casa.
    I liked the sound so took a chance on one of these (14 day no question returns, thanks andertons). My go to bass is a 1974 fender jazz, rosewood.
    Straight into my first gig with it, didn't even try it out at home.
    All I can say is wow!.
    Every thing on half (as duane allman used to say) I was amazed. Had to roll off a bit of bass (and turn the master down) but otherwise superb.
    I know this thread is about markbass, I will come to that soon. The barefaced cab, a big baby 2 gen 3 is a tour de force.
    The efficiency, dispersion, light weight, size, tone (or perhaps transparency) are incredible. I am not easily impressed having played through any number of iconic amp and cab combinations over the years. My bandmates were even more impressed than me.
    This is the important point. The barefaced cab is known to be transparent. In other words it doesn't colour the sound. What you put into it is what you hear, all over the stage and throughout the room.
    So, I know how my bass sounds (after 35 years ) , the cab is transparent, garbage in, garbage out.
    We are left with the markbass casa. Great sound, warm, clear and, it seems to me, a little of that "squash" (perhaps subtle compression when you dig in ) of many legendary valve amps. Combined with effortless headroom, weighs nothing, hopefully solid state reliability, I am one happy bunny.
    All I can say is that if you want a solid state amp which sounds very similar to some valve amp, loads of spare power, light weight, good, versatile but simple e.q. the markbass casa does it. I can't comment on "grind" (don't know what it is) and I have generally tried to avoid distortion, I'm not a lead guitarist.
    To summarise the casa seems like a really good amp if a little expensive but then i'm over sixty, if not now, when?.
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