MarkBass Vintage Preamp modification

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  1. weirdmayo


    Apr 8, 2022
    I have made a fair share of research into bass preamps in the last month, trying to find a fitting preamp (pedal) for my new passive G&L Kiloton. I do like how it sounds at home at my amp, but I play into a DI at church, and I wish to have a few EQ/Boost options the way I do on my 6-string active Kiesel bass (to cut the mids sometimes, etc.)

    I stumbled upon the Markbass Vintage Preamp, and I love practically everything about it. But there is a gripe that I have with it, and that is that it's FX loop is Post OD, and Pre EQ.

    If anyone is both electronics savvy and has this preamp, is there a way to modify the circuit inside for the FX loop to be Post EQ?

    If there was a way, I would purchase it the next moment, and go through the modification.

    I can do soldering, and can read a sheet, but I don't want to buy the preamp if I can't mod it. Thank you!
  2. Not only that, but it's parallel to the main signal, so you can never break the chain with an effect - it rides right along side it.

    There are a lot of chips and surface-mount components inside... It's a pretty dense/complex design. I'd be curious to see anyone mod one, though.
  3. weirdmayo


    Apr 8, 2022
    I received some updates about the circuit. I emailed them about the chain, and this is what they sent me.

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  4. weirdmayo


    Apr 8, 2022
    Oops, that’s embarrassing lol. Well, yeah. From the block diagram it looks like it’s not impossible. But from what I’ve heard about implementation, it seems impossible.

    I guess I’ll look into Goliath as a tube preamp/DI instead.

    I love the EQ options here though. Tough choices…
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