Marshall MB4410

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  1. OK I looked up to page 20 of Amps and did not see any thread

    Has anyone ever tried or owned a Marshall MB Series Bass combo?
    Most dealers here don't carry the bass amps, A small hand full might carry a few small practice amps, here in NY,
    I want a combo that's Loud - Reliable - Simple to use, My sound is not very complex, straight forward rock, might even plug an Upright into it in the future,

    I want an Ashdown MAG but it seems to be a hit or miss as far as reliability and are hard to get in NY unless you buy sight unseen/heard via. Internet.

    Any Help?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you Mohawk,
    That's the most info i have found on the MB series anywhere!
    I really would like to get one soon! to replace a Hartke Kickback 15, being that I will be playing out again after 25 years!


  3. MCPCP


    Mar 12, 2010
    Hey, first time post, long time lurker,
    I just converted to bass from guitar and picked up a peavey t-40. I was in the market for an amp and tried out several from a vintage v4 (that sounded like crap) to the ampeg combos(ba300) to the fender bassman 250 to the ashdown 180 evo2 and this amp literally blew all of them out of the water. gigantic, clean, warm tones from the classic channel which is (which is where I'll likely stay) but you can literally dial in tons of tones.

    I love that this has a ton of features as well from an xlr direct out to a headphone jack to a line out to run another cab (i'll most likely get a 1x15 at some point) It also has a cd in which I most likely will never use.

    All I can tell someone who is looking into bass amp combos is definitely check this amp out. I love love love the sound coming out of this thing.

    The only drawback which I'm not so crazy about is the weight. It has to be at least 80 to 100 lbs. which for those who dont like lugging gear might not be so keen on. However it does have two heavy duty handles built into the sides.