TRADED Matthieu Combe Alys 6 with incredible woods

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    Hey everyone. This listing is for my Matthieu Combe Alys six string. It features an exhibition grade Saint Martin red top over a highly figured black limba body, highly figured flame maple neck, and a rare and exquisite zebrano fingerboard. Pretty sure the headstock laminates are cocobolo. The pickups are Delano and are matched to a custom Combe preamp. 34 inch scale, 18mm spacing.

    It is in as-new condition and works perfectly, no issues. Comes with the original gig bag, or I can include a new Vectra hard case instead.

    Combe's work is phenomenal. This bass has maybe the most organic and woody tone of any bass I have owned. The playability is great, and it is very comfortable overall. Construction is flawless. The choice of woods on this thing is remarkable. I don't know if I have ever seen a top like this before, and while I have seen a couple of zebrano boards, this one is definitely a standout. I swear the limba even has some like orange-pink streaks or something. You can get lost in the grains on this thing.

    I am in a position that I am sure you will all offer sympathy for. Through all of my horse trading, I have ended up with seven absolutely stellar six string basses, this Combe being one of them. I have to cut that number back to maybe just one or two. There is no reason to sell this particular bass other than that, and I barely want to do it.

    $3300 shipped.

    I always consider trade offers if you want to make one. I can go plus or minus cash as required. Please PM me if you have something in mind. Thanks!

    P1010365.JPG P1010364.JPG P1010366.JPG P1010367.JPG P1010368.JPG P1010369.JPG P1010370.JPG P1010371.JPG P1010372.JPG P1010373.JPG P1010374.JPG P1010375.JPG P1010376.JPG P1010377.JPG P1010380.JPG
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    Geez, that is beautiful
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    He sure nailed that one. Six strings of perfection.

    I had a black limba build once, so I know the orange streaks of which ye speak.

    How's the balance?
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    It balances very well. This is a really comfortable bass to play.