SOLD Mesa Carbine 9 w Headcase, Cover and Footswitch

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  1. Price:
    Mesa Carbine 9 with Headcase, Footswitch and cover.

    Everything in great shape...a couple tears on the bottom of the headcase tolex, one little blemish the size of a pea on the top front of the headcase.

    Very low hours, works perfect...just don't use it any longer. Mesa 1.jpg Mesa 2.jpg Mesa 2.5.jpg Mesa 3.jpg Mesa 4.jpg Mesa 1.jpg Mesa 2.jpg Mesa 2.5.jpg Mesa 3.jpg Mesa 4.jpg

    $850 shipped and insured CONUS.

    $775 local pickup
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    Great amp! Were any factory modifications made to this unit after you bought it? What year was it made? Is it still under warranty? GLWTS!
  6. No modifications made that I know of.
    Unsure what year built...serial #739. Mesa Engineering would most likely have build date info.
    Not under warranty.

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  7. Date on back indicates 01/22/01. Build date of the product is usually written on the chassis of the amplifier by Mesa Boogie.
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