SOLD Mesa M6 Carbine/LDS 15/6

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    Selling my big rig. Mesa M6 Carbine and Low Down Sound 15/6. Both are in excellent visual and working condition. The Mesa was brought to the factory 2 mos ago for a checkup where it got a cleaning and a new 12ax7 preamp tube. Amp includes rack case, original packaging and manual. The cab has a few scuffs and scratches but works perfectly. It weighs about 45lbs. Local sale preferred. I have a car and Im willing to meet up anywhere within 50 mi or so of San Francisco.

    I will ship the M6 for $650 CONUS ($575 local pick up)
    The cab goes for $450 plus shipping CONUS ($400 local pickup)
    20201117_174314.jpg 20201117_174448.jpg
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    Oct 1, 2015
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    I had one of these cabs that was totally beat up and sounded amazing. The BL wanted me to get something that looked more professional, and I ended up getting Baer's that are also great cabs. But that 15/6 LDS was sweet and as loud when need.
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  3. Thank you, yeah i hate to sell, this is a really great sounding rig. The two pair very well together, super articulate and super powerful.
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