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    Shipping is included in the 48 states only, anywhere else will cost more.

    This is an unusual Mike Lull PJ4 that Mike built for me late in 2017. The body is mahogany with a beautiful Fiesta Red gloss finish and the wonderful Hipshot B bridge. The neck is 1.54" wide at the nut (Jazz width), and has a nicely striped Indian rosewood fingerboard. This bass has a dual route in the neck position, Mike routed for both the P pickup and the Nordstrand soapbar shape that matches the bridge pickup route.

    The pickups are Nordstrand P and dual coil (series) soapbar pickups with alnico 3 magnets. They sound great with a slightly less aggressive and spiky sound than the normal alnico 5 magnets. Controls are volume, blend, and tone, all passive. Weighs 7.6 lbs, balances perfectly. Comes in the clean Mike Lull Protec gigbag. Condition is excellent, minor scraping on the pickguard, I can't see any significant dings or scrapes on the body or neck. Looks near new to me.

    The bridge pickup is very snug in the route, so it's difficult to move up. The pickups are well adjusted for string balance and balance in output between the pickups, so that hasn't bothered me.

    Price is $2800 shipped.






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