MIM 62 RI Jazz beautiful burst, black hardware

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  1. It has been pointed out that I have mis IDed the bass. It seams to be that this is a MIM "60's Classic" rather than a 62RI.
    I apologizes for any misinformation. It is still the same bass but I have learned that the 62RI was only made in Japan and this is labeled Mexico.

    The Sir# MZ8034578 makes it a 2008-2009 model.

    I will leave this listing up for a few days before removeing it and re posting due to people interested in the bass and not wanting to confuse things more than I have.

    I am Gassing for a bass and I am acualy thinking of letting my perfect Fender MIM 62 reissue go. It is perfect like new with all black hipshot hardware (tuners, Bridge, plate, string tree, knobs) and all original chrome hardware. Strung with Chromes, plays perfect and has straplocks.
    Beautiful strong bass, I just have a bass calling to me or it would not be up for sale. Comes in a hard case. $500 shipped
  2. I got the bass I was Gass'n over so here are some pics I shot this morning of this one. Remember is also come with original hardware and no extra hole were made when putting on black hardware.

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    That is a GREAT looking bass. Wish it was a P instead. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Thanks, yes it is beautiful and plays so well. Somebody will be very happy...
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    any chance you could take a pic where it's not in the box? Tough to get a look at the black hardware against the black case
  11. Yes I will
  12. Here are pics without black background and of Gator TSA case it comes in:

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  14. YES to the question if all the chrome screws from the original tuners come with the original hardware.

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  15. This is a MIM 60's Classic sir # MZ8034578 making it a 2008-2009 vintage.

    Please read opening post where I have corrected the mix up by me stating it is a 62RI instead of a 60"s Classic.
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  17. This is a great bass people
  18. An option for any interested buyer is this bass. I will put the original hardware back on and keep the black and you can have the bass for $425 shipped....Now that's a deal.
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    Any pix of it with the original hardware?
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