Modded Ibanez GSR200

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  1. Hi there, this is my first ever post in TB, although I've been silently watching it from the outside for years and learning a great deal, which partly helped me achieve what I'm presenting today: I swapped the pickups on my Ibanez GSR200 to a single MM pickup and in the process transformed it's looks and improved it generally!
    (I'm also not sure if this is worth belonging in the Luthiers Corner or not but nevertheless it's my first post so here it is.)
    I've had this bass 2nd hand for a while now, and there were several issues bugging me. I'm not a big fan of the inverted P pickup, some pickups height was lower than others, I felt that the sound should be more clear both plugged or acoustically, and I ended up getting bored of its looks ..
    All minor issues that added to my constant urge for tinkering made this project inevitable.
    As I'm a fan of Stingrays I decided to turn it into a single MM pickup to cover for the J pickup and cover the other P pocket with a pickguard. The MM pickup on it's typical sweet spot location fitted perfectly with the volume & tone knobs and the overall shape.
    For the pickguard shape the idea came from the new mid sized Ibanez Mezzo bass as it shares the same body shape, but decided for a rounded upper part.
    I didn't want to spend as much for a pickup as this bass costs second hand, so I went for the Wilkinson M-series pickup, which cost me £23 and am happy to say that it sounds really good! Being ceramic magnets was a bonus, since they say it's brighter than alnico ones, which I thought would improve the muffled tone of this bass. I wired the pickup parallel, same as Stingrays.
    Other things I noticed when started working on this bass was that the neck pocket was full of compressed sawdust and one of the screws in the back of the bridge was drilled at an angle and was a bit loose, which could also explain why the bass sounded a bit muffled. By fixing this issues I think it also increased the sound quality.
    Ibanez makes great low price basses and they improve immensely with an overall setup.

    Anyway, I'm really surprised and excited with the result, and I'm loving to play it again, hope you all like it as well!
    And by the way I did all this work with just my trusty old rotary tool and routing and sanding bits! Took me a while but managed to make it look presentable:D

    I'll be gradually improving it one section at a time. Next it will be a bridge upgrade and after I'll finally add the active eq circuit (it's only volume and tone for now..)
    20210404_120915.jpg 20210405_151338.jpg 20210405_160454.jpg
    20210405_151353.jpg 20210409_215833.jpg 20210410_164532.jpg