SOLD Moon Lined Fretless Bass w/Bartolinis and Hardshell Case

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    Moon Bass - Lined Fretless Jazz/Bartolinis/Hardshell Case

    Superb playing, sounding, and looking bass.

    The build quality on this bass is impressive and the neck is just an absolute joy to play. Bartolinis/electronics are passive, appear to be stock (see photos) and sound truly heavenly. Looks like the fingerboard may be ebony, too!

    Bass is in terrific shape. No surprises, just a superb instrument which I'm sadly having to sell to fund a music project.

    FYI - One tiny finish indentation where the neck meets the headstock. Nothing structural, or impacting anything like sound or playability. Just calling it out so you have knowledge of it. I've included a photo of it, but you can't really see it. No cracks or anything like that.

    Case is non-original black thermoplastic rectangle. Solid protection but not fancy and not in perfect condition. Just basic but fits the bass well.

    Shipping to CONUS (lower 48 only) included in the price. If you're local to NYC and meet me in my neighborhood to pick it up, even better.

    No trades at this time please.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. I 'm thinking the body is Koa? Great looking (and playing/sounding)bass I'm sure.
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    shares a lot of attributes and visuals with a '90's MIJ koa ebony schecter that i end up favoring a lot recently. this one looks like a player too.