No longer available Mozztronics Bass Preamp BP-2; Mozztronics Bass Fuzz BF-1

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    Selling my Mozztronics Bass Preamp BP-2 and Bass Fuzz BF-1. Both are in excellent like-new condition.


    The preamp is killer in a nice small package. Big punchy tone with versatile configuration, especially with the mids.



    From the Manufacturer Bass Preamp:

    Inspired by the “Classic” Valve Bass Amps of yesteryear, we replicated the valve circuit in solid state with op-amps. We tweaked and optimised the tone stack so you can get a wide range of sounds. We kept the inductor based mids control, which has five switchable frequency bands, to get as close as possible to the sound of the amplifiers you know and love. This unit is 100% analogue in the signal path. No digital simulations here.

    There are two main uses for the Mozztronics Bass Preamp BP-2. The first is on a pedal board to add in a preset eq, or leave it on all the time to add extra tone capacity to your existing amplifier. The second is for home recording so you can get a great bass sound without micing up an amp.

    Controls are exactly what you will expect to find. The main preamp controls are GAIN, BASS, MID, MID (frequency) switchable between five different frequencies, TREBLE, and VOLUME. We also have kept the ULTRA LOW and ULTRA HIGH tone contour switches. For best results start with VOLUME fully clockwise and adjust GAIN up to the desired level.

    While the BP-2 bass preamp can get dirty with the GAIN cranked, for best results set the VOLUME to maximum, and the GAIN lower, and use a Mozztronics BOD-1 bass overdrive in front of this pedal to add in the dirt. The combination of the BOD-1 bass overdrive and the BP-2 bass preamp gets an excellent replication of a cranked “classic” valve bass amp.

    If you are recording, as with any recorded track, you may need to apply some equalisation or other effects to the signal. Play around also if you have a VST cabinet simulator with your recording software. Try with your software VST and your favourite speaker response. There is no right or wrong, if it sounds good, then it is good.



    $140 shipped SOLD CONUS on the preamp. Paypal is fine.

    The Bass Fuzz is particularly good for bass. It was made to retain the low end and produces anything from slight breakup to all out fuzz. Really cool pedal allowing you to blend your dial and wet signal (as much or little as either you want) plus dial in the amount of fuzz. Throw in a tone control to adjust the amount of treble in the fuzz signal. Cool. Then you have a phase switch to toggle whether the Fuzz signal is in phase, or out of phase with the original signal.


    From the manufacturer BF-1:
    Most guitar overdrive pedals tailor the sound before and after the clipping stage. This results in a loss of bottom end, as too much bass in an overdriven sound can make the sound “flabby”. This loss of bottom end makes these pedals less than ideal for use with bass.

    This is the Mozztronics take on a pedal especially for bass players.

    Our solution is to take the signal from the bass guitar and split it. One path goes straight to the output via the DRY volume control, the other path goes through a high pass filter (to remove the flab from the overdrive) and then to a fuzz stage (the same fuzz circuit from our Classic Fuzz FZ-1 pedal). This signal then goes to the TONE circuitry and to the WET volume control. By changing the levels of DRY and WET you can easily vary the balance between the two signals. We also added a PHASE switch for the Fuzz signal.

    By keeping the original signal, we retain a warm bottom end and we add in as much dirt up top as is desired.

    FUZZ controls the amount of Fuzz from barely on to full on gnarly nastiness

    DRY controls the amount of normal signal from the bass guitar

    WET adjusts the amount of fuzz signal

    TONE adjusts the amount of treble in the fuzz signal

    PHASE selects whether the Fuzz signal is in phase, or out of phase with the original signal.


    $120 shipped CONUS on the Fuzz. Paypal is fine.

    Selling both to generate some funds for purchases related to my compressor pedal shootout thread. Reluctantly selling both of these...
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    I'll take the pre
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    Preamp is sold.

    Fuzz still available.