Musicman 115-RH Praise....

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  1. I have been rolling speakers/amps combinations like crazy, trying to squeeze a little more out of things. So much, I think I have been squeezing myself away from what works best.
    My latest is a Bag End S15-D/S15X-D stack.

    A little unhappy with the low end with that and Mesa 400+ combination, I went back to my Berg NV-215 and added a tweeter. So, I am thinking, I'll stack the S15X-D on top of the Musicman 115. Very LOUD! Even a little over the top, so I unplugged the Bagend and it all came back to me.... Why did I move away from this cab? I'm glad I kept it. It has a Peavey BW15 in it and holds the low end amazing. It has great mids and a sweet high end.
    So this, with my ABM500 (UK) sounds so good, I am thinking of dumping all my extras. (and I got a lot)
    As a real plus, this thing sounds great up close, 15' away, on AND off axis.!
    I did try it once with my GK800RB and it was lean sounding, but with the Ash and my other tube amps, it kills.
    I ran it against my reference Eden D410-XLT and it holds it's own.
    It also is fairly light ( one hand if I have to) and fits in my back seat!!

    It is definitely going on the next gig with the Ashdown. I think it sounds as good as a tube amp.
    I may even dump my Mesa if it works.

    PS, I tried to indent for easy reading...........:(
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    I’m having difficulty reading your post. Is it in English? :)

    Sometimes it’s good to go through your older pieces. There are gems to be found amongst them.

    That said I have disposed of all the bass cabinets I had and I'm just keeping my four Acme B2 cabinets. Two do every thing I need of them, plus two spare.
  3. I've got my fingers crossed. I know stage mix is different than bedroom, but I did use the Ashdown and MM 115 live before. I think it was a Henry 8x8 that succeeded it. Then the Berg.