For Sale MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe (DG B7K Sold)

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  1. Infrasonic5

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    Mar 15, 2016

    Face melting pedals For sale:

    • 'Mercan made DG B7K. Great condition. $199 + shipping. It's clean! It works perfectly! It sounds like the hand of God! I have the Ultra, so selling this guy. The pictured DG box is from the ultra, but Ill throw it in.
    • MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe. Virtually new. $115 shipped. Very rad device with a cool crossover switch so lows don't get muddied, and it's a 2-fer with a useful flanger function. Comes with box and all inserts. 20170704_114146.jpg 20170704_114226.jpg 20170704_114452.jpg 20170704_114542.jpg
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    May 30, 2013
    Rhode Island
    PM sent
  3. Stan13


    Nov 29, 2009
    Winnipeg, Canada
    i also sent a pm
  4. Infrasonic5

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    Mar 15, 2016
    Hi sorry sold. Thanks for your interest.