My 1st bass of the new year - a vintage Squier Bullet

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  1. NBD for me - I picked up this Japan-made Bullet at a pawn shop for a price I couldn't refuse. Sounds pretty good with the flats it came with, but I'm thinking of changing the pickup out with a black Mustang version because I'd like to make a tort pickguard for it. Other than that, it's ready to rock (or ska, in this case.) As others have said about these, the neck feels great, nicely rolled, super comfy.





    It even came with a genuine Fender shim :)

  2. Very nice...congrats!!!

    Ah the Fender shim! I am sure after 35 years there is no feared “ski jump”. Shim away people!!
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  3. Just pulled trigger on one of those used at GC online today same color black with white guard. Thinking of having new guard made for it also. Tort would look great that or black pearl or 3 ply black on black. Anyway Any way I'd be interested to find out what your observations are about the instrument thus far and what if any upgrades are repairs were necessary to get it into playing well.
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  4. I haven't spent much time with it yet to be honest. It really didn't need much work, I still need to bring the action down and flatten out the neck a touch. It does sound a little thinner than my Precisions, but not so much that I'd want to do any modification. The one thing keeping me from playing it more often is the need for a thumb rest - the pickup is not an ideal anchor (possibly a little smaller than I'm used to,) so I'll need to fashion something that I can stick to the pickguard. Apart from that, I love the light weight and the neck is a real joy.

    Good luck with yours, I hope you'll share your thoughts when it arrives.
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  6. Thanks for the reply. Will definitely be posting pics as I plan to change out the guard and make kind of a Blackout style with a 3ply black white black and found some inexpensive replacements for the pickups as I've heard they can be kind if lacking.
  7. COngrats on the new boomsticks guys
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  8. Yes, this bass would look great with a BWB pickguard.
  9. Everything is on order and should be here in a few days. I will get some shots of her once completed.
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  10. Well it finally arrived and sounds pretty good aside from the A string being a little weak comparatively. However I did run into quite the conundrum on the replacement pickup and pick guard. The pickups were too big for the standard pickguard that came with it and the replacement pickguard was way too small did not even try to match up. So those will both be going back but in the meantime I think it looks fine as is and we'll take a look at the pickups see about that string but here are some pics as promised. 20190508_055447~2.jpg 20190508_055509~2.jpg 20190508_055502~2.jpg Message_1557271641609~2.jpg
    Love the natural relic of the hardware. And it came with thumbrest installed.

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  11. The Terror

    The Terror

    Jun 29, 2017
    There's a blast from the past! I had one back in the mid 80's and it was a great playing bass, but I had to upgrade the pickup with an EMG p-bass pickup, which required some pick guard surgery. Great playing bass--congrats!
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  12. Looks good, too bad about the pickup & guard not matching up. How is the neck, are the fretboard edges rolled and comfy?
  13. Oh yea the neck is nice. Flatter than I expected but smooth edges and no sharp fret ends so far. Plays smooth and easy. Will return the parts and prob keep it stock til can get a guard made to fit.
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