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    Dec 14, 2008
    If you have been following my videos i have some news for you. If you saw my Animal I Have Become cover you will hear that it is tuned higher then the actual song. So, i will be deleting that video and putting on a better version with the right tuning later. Second, if you saw my Dream On cover, i will be deleting that too considering the fact that it is played wrong. Every other song will stay on there. I am currently working on a new little jam/bass song i will do. This one actually has a decent tone to it other then my other "bass jams" or "bass solos". I will aslo be doing covers by the offspring, RHCP, Three Days Grace and many other bands too. If you would ike to see a full list of my upcoming covevrs please check out my youtube account and on the left side you will see my upcoming covers. Also, please subscribe, friend request and watch my other videos. Thank You
    P.S. I will soon be getting a new bass too so wait to see that (will be getting it by Jan. 23rd (my birthday))