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My live rig and why I like it :)

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by OOZMAN, Feb 17, 2014.



    Jun 16, 2010
    So I recently obtained a decently sized cabinet to complete my rig for now. :bag: ...and I decided to share. :)

    First in the chain after my bass is a Line 6 Pod HD500.

    (not actually my pic)

    This is where the majority of my tone comes from. My main patch is kind of like an improvised multiband compressor, since the pod doesnt have one, I made one manually by splitting the signal in two (high and low pass) and compressing the heck out of the low passed signal. This way I can noodle around on the high strings and not loose too much of the low end, and calm down the frequencies coming from the low A string (sometimes G). I put subtle distortion on the high pass for character. I dont compress the high pass signal so as to keep all the dynamics of my playing. All this is done inside the HD500.

    The signal is then sent to the P.A for my DI tone. I always ask for DI only, because every soundman has a different mic to the last and places them differently. DI is more consistent. Also, there's a tweeter in my cab.

    The same signal (two outputs on the HD500) goes to my rack setup (which I'll refer to as a 'head')...


    It enters the V-Amp first. The V-Amp is mainly there to make the sound coming out of the cab sound more like whats coming out of the P.A. The V-Amp brightens the sound significantly and makes the cab come alive.

    The signal then goes through the 31 band, (top channel) to further fine tune the sound coming from the cab. Admittedly, a stereo 31 band is overkill (15 band mono would be fine), but I use the other channel for vocals at practice to get rid of feedback. Plus I had 2RU to fill anyway.

    The signal then goes through the Crown XLS2500. Being a power amp, it amplifies the sound. A lot. Like a lot. Its running at full power - 4 ohms bridged, which gives me a grand total of 2400W (not sure why its called the XLS2500?). You'll notice in the following pictures I have custom made all the cable in the rear of the head. I also have a rack mounted powerboard. The only things I plug in are one cable into the cab, and one power plug into the wall.



    Oh yeah, did I mention the cab?


    This is probably my favourite part of my rig :bag:. I couldnt believe my ears when I plugged it in, so much tone! So much low end! From a behringer!? :help: :confused: Ive played the same rig through an SVT810E and a 610HLF and the behringer sounds way way better to my ears. Yeah I said it. Most people love the 'good old low-mid boost/sub frequency attenuation' of big Ampegs cabs, but not me. The Behringer goes lower and is less muddy than even the 610HLF. I personally prefer the Berry. Downside is, it'd have to be almost 9" taller than an ampeg 810e and 40lbs(?) heavier. This cab is a monster. I am actually looking upward when i change settings on the V-Amp. :D

    So yeah. Just thought I'd share my less-than-orthodox live rig.

    Let me know what you think! Suggestions, feedback and questions welcome! :bassist: :bassist: :bassist:
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  2. modulusman

    modulusman Banned

    Jan 18, 2004
    Thanks for posting this in the PA forum.:confused:
  3. obvious you need to learn how to EQ...bass i can sorta understand why there is a wave, but boosting it like that is sooo asking for issues...not to mention you may as well not even use the EQ on the V-AMP....and the EQ for the vocals you have cut all intelligibilty from the mic...all you need to do is find the offending frequency and cut it out...not boost always cut...let the mixer/console do the work....


    Jun 16, 2010
    It says live sound so I thought it should go here?

    Sorry, mods move please? :ninja: