NBD: 1994 Peavey Foundation

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  1. Found this nice black 4-string at a local pawn shop and after trying it out...
    knew it had to come on home with me :)
    Didn't hurt that the price was definitely RIGHT!

    Serial comes back to 1994, mid year probably.
    It's got a little buckle rash on the body & 2 Cymbal cuts in the rear of the headstock...
    a few nicks, scratches, & dings that were covered decently on the front...
    can't see them from 4 feet away, so that's alright...
    weird little divot low on the back of the neck at the 7th fret...
    (not sure if that was intentional from the last owner or not)
    and two of the pots were loose...fixed one with a wrench,
    the middle pot is stripped too badly so I'll have to figure out what to do there,
    don't know if it's the nut or the threads, either way, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.



    Also got a 2001 Peavey Fury VI in blue a few months ago, but forgot to take any pics...
    just discovered that my Bass folder was empty of anything on it...DUH!
    It's currently hiding from my children in the back of the storage room in a coffin case,
    while I've been working on my pentatonic scales on my Anthony Tsai...
    now with the Black Foundation 4, I can now send that one down the road
    once I get the middle pot issue resolved.

    I wonder, would some Blue Locktite keep that pot in place?
    Or should I get another nut?
    Or should I just replace the darn thing?
    Or upgrade all three pots while I'm in there??
    And what should I upgrade them to?? Or just use Peavey OEM's??
    The Peavey complex is only a two hour drive away ;)
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    Every time I think it's Fender for the win I uncase one of my Peaveys, and things get all screwed up. Foundations are getting harder to find; cherish yours.
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