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NBD! Limelight '67 Precision relic - Lake Placid Blue

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wateroftyne, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Hi all

    I just thought I'd share some pics of my new '67-spec light relic P from Limelight, a UK builder.

    It was built to my spec, which included a light relic, as lightweight a body as possible, and Gotoh Res-o-lite tuners.

    It's beautiful to listen to, play and look at - IMO, Limelight's relic work is incredible, and the cost is broadly the same as a MIM Roadworn, etc.

    (I appreciate some people may struggle with the whole replica / relic concept. If that's you, you're welcome to start your own thread ;-))

    27709535_10156064885856322_2828183144883961161_o. 27710332_10156064885841322_4538884297423132570_o. 27907996_10156064885846322_8630347684901969651_o. 27913188_10156066953891322_5715460043645611422_o. 27982658_10156064886111322_4767928006355330769_o. 28161732_10156085814196322_4959865465589373538_o. 28162195_10156102844886322_1488040592726052985_o.
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