NBD:Vintage Cream Stingray

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    May 23, 2016
    Really love this color combo, photos online don't do it justice. I had one of these Ray4s with a maple neck awhile back and ended up selling it because I just couldn't get a great tone with it. After going thru a few maple neck P basses, I realized that I just don't care for the brighter tone with maple, especially with an active bass. So I finally tried one with a Jatoba board and my new SansAmp pedal and I really like the tone.

    Everything was good one this one, straight neck, nice fretwork, solid bridge and tuners, perfect action for me, didn't even need a setup. Only thing was that the pickup was super low and it couldn't be raised quite high enough. The guitar guy I use added some foam under it to bring it up where I wanted it. I played about 6 of these at GC and passed on them (mostly due to boring colors) before I finally found this one at a Sam Ash. This one has a nice wight and the neck feels a bit more substantial than the others I played. Funny how that works when they all come off the same machine, they all feel a bit different. Sounds, plays and feels good enough to be my main bass over my P and J.

    Ray1.jpg Ray2.jpg
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