Neck Thickness?

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  1. Just wondering what is the range of thicknesses on bass necks?
    I'm a BG player, new to EUB and have limited experience with URB. My new EUB ( ) is a bit thinner than the URB we used as a reference, but a URB playing friend who tried it today says it's thicker than he's used to.
    The neck has carbon-fibre reinforcing so could potentially go very thin, but I'm just wondering how far I could shave it down before URB players felt it was too thin.
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    Oct 15, 2005
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    Hmmm... My upright's neck is quite thicker (ain't them all?)than my toy bass' and I've never found it a problem. Are you trying to wrap the whole neck with your hand like some toy bass players do? That could make it dificult. I try to keep the tip of my left thumb half the way on the back of the neck, also a bit bent. This way I make sure I'm not squeezing the neck with my thumb to hold the strings down but using the strenght of my whole arm. Some people DO find neck thickness a bit of a problem, tho. I guess there's thick and then there's SUPER thick. I don't think it would be a problem to shave it a bit if that makes you more confortable.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm not after a BG feel on the neck, but don't want to make playing any harder than necessary.
    I'd love to see some numbers... anyone got time to put a ruler beside their favourite bass neck and tell me how thick front to back?

    (If there was a nearby bass specialist with a room full of instruments I could try, I'd go visit but there's not, so you folk are a valuable resource!)