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Need advice on monitors/PA upgrade

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Gogmagog, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Current situation:

    We have a small PA system running just the vocals through a 100w (SHS PM400) powered mixer and a couple of mains. The guitarist has a 100w full Marshal stack (though he usually uses half of it) and I've got a 300w BX3000T with a Peavey 1516. Drummer is loud.

    What we're looking for is one or two monitors, with an eye towards upgradability of our current PA. We play fairly loud classic rock stuff, but have only had to use our current PA to play to maybe 20-30 people (played a larger venue, but used their PA system) so far. However, I'd like to be able to upgrade our PA for larger places (100-150) in the future w/o having to ditch any of the equipment we are about to buy.

    We're on a budget of ~$500-$650. At the very least, we need one monitor right now, possibly more later.

    I've been thinking about our options. The top 3 options I've thought about are:
    1. New power amp (~1000w), mixer, passive monitor cab. If we buy used, we can swing this, I believe, for about $600 or so. We could scrap the SHS with this setup.
    2. New mixer and powered monitor. Idea being that we keep the SHS, run the main out to the effects return on the SHS, and run the mixer aux. to the powered monitor. Cheaper than options 1 & 2.
    3. New powered mixer w/2 internal amps, passive monitor cab. We could scrap the SHS with this also.

    Any other ideas? Which of these options sounds like a better solution for us, given the requirements I've listed above?
  2. superflybass


    Feb 16, 2004
    La Crosse WI
    screw the monitors use in ears

    you will never go back to regular ones
    plus there will be less gear to carry
  3. While some people like in-ear monitors, some people hate them.

    For your budget, I'd get a powered mixer with two channels output, use one channel for monitor, and the other for the front mains. Then a couple of traditional monitors. Yamaha, Peavey, and Carvin all have some basic powered mixers that will do this perfectly.

    I'd go with a six or eight input powered mixer, with a minimum of 200 watts per side. American Musical has an Alesis Gigamix 6FX, with 6 inputs and 300 watts per channel that can run a monitor plus a main output, for $449 new. They have a Yamaha EMX66M with similar specs for $499.

    They have Nady floor monitors, 12 inch, for $79 each. So a pair at 160, plus the Alesis for 449, puts you in business for $609. Or the Yamaha, makes $659.

    Unless you buy used, that's hard to beat. 300 watts--if the rating is true- is more than enough for vocals for small to medium gigs.
  4. Pete


    Jan 3, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    Good in-ears will run a lot more than your budget will allow. I'd sell the SHS asap. Powered mixers are not very feature laden. A good small mixer (there are many) and a cheap power amp (RMX1450) will be a great start. Use one channel for mains and the other for monitors. When you decide to get into a bigger sytem, the power amp can be switched over to monitor duty (my 1450 runs monitor mix 3 & 4) and a different amp can take over mains and subs (RMX 4050/RMX2450).

    When upgrading speakers DON'T buy dual 15+horn boxes. They are hard to control in the low mids and really don't integrate into new systems well. As for monitors, I saw the new samson line and Yamaha BR12's are a good value. Future upgrades should include a dual 31band eq (for mains & monitors) and subs (with power).

  5. superflybass


    Feb 16, 2004
    La Crosse WI

    not trying to start an arguement but now days a good monitor cost around $200 bucks and more for a good amp
    the shure E2 in ears cost $99 MAP almost anywhere a rolls mico monitor amp cost around $60 and then 2 cables is all you need... so for around $180 or so per band member you have in ears and I know some bands that use koss in ears $19
    and the art in ear amp $35 for an even cheaper system
    the other way to go it to buy a multi channel head phone amp

    it it a whole bunch less gear to carry aound and you will be able to hear avery thing a bunch better no feed back ..... you also hear all of the errors in you playing a lot better also
    so that is why some people does not like them

    it also take a while to get used to them so make shure you pratice with them a few times before you start playing out with them ...

  6. Thanks for the advice, guys. I've looked into in-ears a bit and still am unsure. Can you use one transmitter with multiple in-ear phones? Do extra transmitter translate into separate mixes? Any recommendations on in-ears?

    What about the stuff from Furman? I've checked it out a bit, but it's dependence on wires kinda sucks. Is wireless the way to go when it comes to in-ears?

    If we did go with in-ears, we'd probably have to start with one or two, and buy more as we got the cash.

    Sorry for all the questions, just hungry for knowledge ;)

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