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  1. Hello,

    I happen to be one of the biggest old school AC/DC fans on the planet. Always loved the look of the SG. I am also fairly new to playing the bass.

    I was at Guitar Center couple months ago. At the time, the only bass I had played was my cheap-o Dean that had 24 frets. It always felt like it was 10 foot long. While at GC, I picked up a Gibson SG Bass. It was love at first feel. I only farted with it for a few minutes but could tell it felt more comfortable to play. Shorter, more like a guitar.

    So, a couple weeks later, I broke down and bought one.
    Once it arrived, I was blown away by the look and feel of it. But the sound? Well, this is where I may need a little help. And please forgive me as explaining this as a noob may be a little tricky for me.

    At first I thought the knobs were wired backwards. The middle knob (bridge, mini humbucker pick-up) has a very low tone/pitch, real deep and beefy like how I think a bass should sound. The neck (full sized humbucker) was real tinney/twangy. My guitar shop guy confirmed that middle knob does control the bridge, front knob is neck, and rear is tone. And as a bassist, he also wasn't impressed with the neck pick-up.

    My Dean is just like this, but completely 180. The neck sounds deep and beefy and bridge is the one that is tinney. Or higher pitched. I hope this is making sense to some of you more experienced guys...

    So, my question. I realize that I am a TOTAL bass playing noob. But I got ears that work. And I can tell that I am not all too impressed with the sound of the neck pick-up either.

    Is there a fix for this or a different pick-up I could buy that would give me a lower, beefier pitched sound? I definitely dont want to lose the look of the original chrome cover. And I'm not sure on the price of a good pick-up, so I will set a budget of $300 to get a better sound out of the neck. As of now, I just leave it off.

    Anybody own one of these Gibson SG Standard bass and kinda know where I am coming from? I dont play in a band or anything. And will try to answer any questions the best I can.

    ANY advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. I have a SG reissue bass. What you're describing doesn't sound right to me. That is, your description doesn't jive with how mine sounds.

    On mine the neck pickup is much beefier sounding than the bridge pickup, so much so that I usually use more bridge pickup than neck pickup when I play to tame the boominess and add some growl.

    I also eq for live performance by boosting the mids and cutting the lows and highs. If you're using an amp with a graphic equalizer it looks like a frown.

    Don't know what's going on with your neck pickup but I think you need to find another SG bass at a music store and A/B them to verify whether or not you have a problem.
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    It sounds wired wrong to me. Take it back and have the wiring sorted out under warranty.