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new bass

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by bassplayer48, May 16, 2011.

  1. H guys i'm thinking about upgradng my bass i have an old czech solid op with ply back sides, its not a bad bass but a bit mid rangey to me ears, this was my first bass so i'm craving somethig more reasonant. I play in 2 bands one is an acoustic bluegrass/roots band that i would love to do more gigs without an amp. The other is a rockabilly band so i need a good amplfied tome for that.

    We dont have a wide choice of basses here in Aus, but our local luthier who everyone goes too has some nice basses. So i'm wondering if i would better off looking at a fully carved bass or a another ply or hybrid? my budget is i guess up to about 5-7k there's a choice of a new instrument or used, i do realise that trying out the basses is the only way to know, but i thought you guys could help perhaps narrow the field a bit. The new basses are mainly chinese, and the used there are a Gliga and a german trade bass. here's the link. www.atelierpuglisi.com
  2. punkozuna


    Mar 19, 2011
    Irrigon, Oregon
    I'm not familiar with the basses listed on the website though I wonder if a Salieri SB2 isn't a rebadged Cremona SB2? - if so that seems a high price even taking into account Australian import duties and taxes.

    The bass you have is more bass than you usually see in Bluegrass and Rockabilly bands.

    Since you seem to have a sound in mind, why not play a few in your price range and see what comes closest to what your looking for?
  3. If you don't intend to use the bow then perhaps you should try to get the best quality ply or hybrid. The Shen plys and hybrids seem good value. The New Standard Cleveland is a large resonant ply that might also be ideal for your requirements. The choice of many pros and well suited to ampless gigs. You would have to factor in shipping and taxes.
  4. Have you tried other strings on the bass you have? That could make a difference in the mid range

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