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  1. Soundexplorer


    May 2, 2021
    Hi everyone,

    Excited to be here. I considered myself as a guitar player for about 20 years and never really considered other instruments until a few weeks ago. I have owned a Corbin Precision Bass for about 12 years but barely used it (shame on me!).

    I record music in Reaper and I recently just obtained a few really great VST plugins (one is a grand piano, and another is a great bass amp simulation (which has a lot of flexibility and options). These two new plugins have changed everything I thought about making music almost immediately. For years I struggled with guitar to make my own music and spent way too much time trying to copy other guitarists music note for note. As it served as a good discipline of practice, it did not help me to understand how to start making music of my own.

    However, as soon as I got this piano involved, it immediately began to open doors for me, musically speaking. And I use the piano as my basis to build upon with other instruments including the bass. I am unschooled, but I really enjoy jazz music. I have been cranking out ideas almost everyday because stuff is happening now for me more than ever before and I am excited everyday to go into my studio to see what happens. So much fun!

    I would like to share a new track with all of you, as an introduction to who I am and what I am doing. This is titled "Waves on Moonlight" and I recorded this yesterday.

    Thank you everyone and again, very happy to be here.

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