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  1. Honest, I really was going to make my own EUB... but I met this guy Bill Paulin, a maker of stringed instruments and fine furniture who'd made a sweet electric violin for a friend of mine. I talked to him about my plans to make a compact EUB. Long story short, this is what he delivered this week:

    This one is a prototype, more minimalist than his earlier EUB design. Initially he gave me a rough pre-prototype that he knocked up from cheap Bunya pine, which sounded surprisingly good. This one, in quality tone woods, has a more mellow, natural sound with full-bodied lows - it doesn't seem to need any EQ through my Eden rig.
    Bill said he's happy to take orders for more of the same, priced at $1500 (Australian).
  2. VERY nice. I can't seem to find an apropriate smilie...
  3. shwashwa


    Aug 30, 2003
    does it have an adjustable bridge? i cant make it out from the pic...
  4. mikjans


    Dec 17, 2003
    Uppsala, Sweden
    Do you have contact info for Paulin? Ypu can e-mail me off list.

  5. "does it have an adjustable bridge?"
    Yes, I adjusted it this afternoon with a knife and sandpaper :)

    "Do you have contact info for Paulin?"
    You can email Bill at:
    (address is now on the web page)
  6. shwashwa


    Aug 30, 2003
    cant he fit a normal double bass bridge to it with adjusters?
  7. shwashwa


    Aug 30, 2003
    does it come with some type of bout to simulate the shoulder fo a bass? like the messenger?
    that reference point is really important to me. as well as a traditional Eb or D neck.
  8. An earlier prototype had a standard bridge, which required a raised tailpiece block like the Azola, but for this one we decided to go with a lower bridge and a flat body/neck angle so that the strings terminate flush with the body.
    I'm sure Bill would be happy to make one with a standard bridge, but I was looking for a more compact instrument.

    It has a traditional D heel on the neck.
    There will be an adjustable shoulder (and end-pin) added soon. What happened was that I told Bill I'd look after those aspects, but when he delivered the bass I realised the solutions I'd planned (using drum hardware) were just too ugly to screw onto such a pretty piece of woodwork. I'm currently working on more aesthetic solutions to adustable/removable endpin and shoulder.

    This is still a work in progress - I'm very happy with the way it plays & sounds, but we've aready talked about minor improvements for the next one.
  9. What pickup system do it uses?
    It doesn't seem conventional at all!
  10. It's one I made myself using MSI piezo films encapsulated in copper foil (for more details see ).

    I haven't seen a Realist, but I suspect it's virtually the same thing. It works surprisingly well with one under each bridge foot - much better than any 'clip-on' pickups I've tried.
    The preamp is an old Boss FA-1 I had lying around, but it doesn't really need any gain boost because the pickups have plenty of output. Future EUB's that Bill makes will probably just have a simple buffering preamp.
  11. Hello

    It's really nice EUB.

    Dose it have an end pin or some attachment when playing?

    Thank you
  12. Yes, it now has an endpin in a nice walnut adjustable clamp on the back - will post a pic when I can.

    And more on the pickup - I've just put up a web page with instruction for making your own:
  13. Here's a pic:

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    I was lying in bed this morn, wondering how I was going to fabricate an endpin mount on my project eub.....thanks for the idea. Nice lookin' eub too, enjoy it!