Noisy Thunderbird 5 str

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  1. sjl2725


    Dec 18, 2010
    Branson, MO
    I just bought a Gibson T-bird 5 string from Reverb dot com. Its a 2005, all stock. I play at a theater in Branson, Missouri every day of the week. All of my basses except this one have bartolini systems and pickups in them and work fine. However, this Gibson is so noisy that I cant use it.

    The noise is related to lighting, and I have narrowed it down to 3 circuits of moving lights. Nothing I have done will pacify this hum. Bass is grounded well, and I put copper foil in it the other day, and no change. I tried a Hum X, a ground lift, even bypassed my whole rig and used a cable and a DI.

    The lights have to be used. They are part of the show. is there a chance I am just F-ed? I played it at church today and had a slight buzz, but nothing crazy. I can easily put in some different pickups, but I got the bass for the vintage tone. Thoughts? (I searched for a facebook page to post this in, but couldn't find one that made sense.... thoughts on that would be great too)
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    This might be the case. If you have a well shielded bass with humbucking pickups and you still have noise issues, you might be fighting a losing battle.