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  1. can some one please tell me [ or link me :p] to a site where it tells me all the notes on a gutair down to the 12 threat [or further :p] please :)?
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    (I replied to the same thread in off topic by the way).


    Heres one I found for you on google (assuming you mean bass guitar?)
    note_names_neck.gif .

    Theres an even better one in a book I have, bass for beginners by Glenn Letsch, that has a chart in from open-fret 14. It also has a score below it shoiwng what each fret position looks like on notation.

    I havnt a scanner so cant get a copy but if you can buy the book/get someone to scan it then do so!
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    I've got one on my site. It's a 4-string bass fretboard chart - to the 12th fret - with corresponding notation chart. You can get to it via the "Finger Exercise" thread (also in this "General Instruction" forum. I believe the link is on page 2 of that thread.(
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