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older ampeg??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by suasa, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. alright, i got my fender bxr400 and it works great. i also got a cabinet, it has no brand name on it although the guy i got it from says its a ampeg. I was wondering where i would find the serial number so i might beable to figure it out. i love the sound of the cab and it really pumps out the sound and i guess thats all that really matter but i still wanna know if its a ampeg. The guy got it from got it from a bass player in town and he says its been sittin in a bar for at least 15 years. I only paid 400 canadian about 275 american for it so i guess its a good deal but i just wanna know who made it. anyway any help on where i could find the serial would be a great help and also where i will beable to find out it if is a ampeg once i get the serial. anyway thanks.

  2. Chances are that if it's an Ampeg you won't find a S/N. S/Ns have a tendency to fall off of Ampeg cabs, especially on the vintage models. Also, S/Ns in and of themselves do not necessarily indicate the make However, if you can find a model number it would go a long way in helping find out.

    To answer your question though look near the input jack, or inside the grill near the base, or just all over.

    Why not post a pic? At least tell us what the configuration is.
  3. i cant post a pic because i dont have one. it seems to be working great. I was just playin it and i turned the volume up and hit a note and the grill shot off. that sorta supprised me. the only number i have found on the whole thing is on the top where there is a space to fit power amps or pedals and what not but its writen on the wood in marker so i dont know if that will help, i am not sure if the first number is 1-H or l-H or 1-1-1 or l-l-l it looks the most like 1-H but i dont know anyway it goes 1-H#1 then right below it it says 7-27-78 anyone know what this is??
  4. bump anyone know what that number is
  5. I got the PM. Those numbers sound like they were written by a previous owner. Anything such as "l-H or 1-1-1 or l-l-l or1-H#1" is just gobledygook. 7-27-78 could be a date put there by Ampeg but I really doubt it.

    Your initial post stated that you basically wanted to know if it is an Ampeg. If you haven't already found the S/N or model number it's because it's long gone. That's the bad news.

    The good news is that there are enough folks here who can help you identify it if you will give us some details about the cabinet. Info such as, "Sitting in a Canadian bar for 15 years" does not help much.

    BTW, even if you found a sticker with the S/N, say "106537", no one would be able to say for sure it's an Ampeg. Still gotta look at the cab itself.

    So. What are the dimensions? Weight? Color? How many speakers? What size? What kind of inputs? How many? Where located? Tell us more about the grill that popped off.

    (FWIW, some of the things you've posted seem like Ampeg)
  6. the cab is incredibly light apparently because it has a "almaco" i am not sure if that is spelt right its something along those lines its is all black tolex accept a white strip in all along the outside of the grill, the grill is recessed into the cab about 2-3 inches and thats where the white stripe is. it has a huge air hole in the bottom i guess for accoustics it goes all along the bottom of the cab and angles upward like a triangle. its got casters and i think the grill has been replaced because it is not fastened in very well. I have never seen a grill set up the way this one is its sticks on wiht somehting that seems to work in the same pricipal of velcro but its not velcro its plastic pokey things that stick togethere. it has one input jack on the back near the center a little to the right of the cab if u are looking at the back of it. oh and as i mentioned in a previous post it has a slot at the top for a head or amp or pedals or whatever u wanna put in it i guess. oh and the speaker is a 15 inch thats all i know. anyone know what kinda cabinet this is?? oh and it has 2 handles on the side for carrying it. i would say it weighs no more than 30 - 40 pounds.
  7. Like this?
  8. Like this?
  9. Exactly like this?
  10. Along the bottom? Is that what you mean by "air hole"?
  11. okay the first pic is right thats how the grill stick on the next two are off and the last one is sorta right. The air hole is at teh end of the triangle so the triangle goes to the back of the cabinet and then it ends up wiht a gap about 2-3 inches high that the air hole and it goes all the way along the cabinet.
  12. oh and the triangle starts at about 8 inches high the bottom stays flat and the top angles down.
  13. Based on the info you have provided thus far I do not believe that you have an Ampeg cabinet. Especially based on the weight. A 40lb. Ampeg cabinet with a 15inch speaker is unheard of (with the possible exception of it being a combo that has been de-gutted).

    That being said, I have not seen everything in the world. Every now and then I see something I've never seen before that was made by Ampeg.

    At this point your best bet is to post a pic so that we can be more certain.
  14. thanks for everything king of amps i will try and post a pic but i dont know if i will be able to. I have been searching the web for any picture i could find and i havnt found anything that resembled my cabinet. anyway i will try and get a pic but i doubt i will be able to. thanks again.


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