SOLD OLP MM3 5-String Stingray/SR5-Style Neck and Flame Maple Top Body

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    Here's another project I've had sitting around for a bit and don't have time to finish!

    OLP MM3 (1).JPG OLP MM3 (2).JPG OLP MM3 (3).JPG OLP MM3 (6).JPG OLP MM3 (7).JPG OLP MM3 (8).JPG OLP MM3 (9).JPG OLP MM3 (10).JPG OLP MM3 (4).JPG OLP MM3 (5).JPG

    This OLP MM3 5-String body, neck, bridge and pickguard bundle is Used but in Good Condition. It has a few small dings on the body edges and a few fingerboard scrapes, but nothing major and nothing that impacts performance. Pickguard is a little wavy (it's low quality, so I would recommend replacing it). Neck is straight, truss rod turns smoothly and I had the action nice and low on it when it was strung up.

    It's lightweight (7 lbs, 1oz) and will take a standard 2.75" heel neck (I test fit a Status Graphite MM5 neck on it and it was a perfect fit). Tuner holes are for 1/2" shafts (17mm).

    SELLING FOR $150 + SHIPPING, PM me for a quote. International shipping is no problem, just PM me for a shipping quote.
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    I had one of these. Good basses for the money. Good modding platform.
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