Online Walmart clip-on tuner purchase anecdote

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    So...I have my eye on a clip-on chromatic tuner for upright bass use and find that Walmart has the lowest price for the particular tuner I've had me eye one for $16.99 versus $19.99 for everyone else, and free shipping for instore pick-up. So I place the order and pick it up this afternoon at my local Walmart easy-peasy. When I open the box it has a receipt in it saying it cost $11...but I paid $16.99...***! So I call Walmart customer service to inquire, and with a straight face (as I image while the rep is talking to me) that it cost Walmart $11 but it has a sale price for 16.99...maybe they should not but their whole sale price as a receipt...

    P.S. The box of the actual tuner has a sticker on it and shows it was supplied from Hal Leonard Corp...didn't know that was the going margins on tuners...
  2. Markup seems about right. Maybe everyone else is just putting the screws to you.
    You probably saved three bucks because it came straight from the distributor and no one had to open the package, remove the wholesale tag, hang it on a shelf, yadda, yadda, yadda. :thumbsup:
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