Opinions on Acoustic 260 Mini Stack

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  1. I currently use a small Acoustic B20 combo (all of my performances can be handled with a small amp or just direct in house), but I've been wanting to step away from combos. I love my B20 and love Acoustic's amps especially for their value, but I was wanting to get some other opinions on their mini stack. And also, any other recommendations for stacks in the 300-500 dollar price range?
  2. If you are happy with the tone you get with Acoustic, nothing wrong with staying with the brand.. Hit your local GC and try out the mini stack.

    I tried one at my GC when they first came out as they look cool, but i didn't care for it. Unless someone already blew the speaker on a new unit, it sound flabby and couldn't get very loud (or high on its volume control) without sounding bad... Maybe it was just a bad unit..

    I like Ampeg gear and would go with a pf350 (or micro svt) with a av210 cab. You can find them used and in you range... Also keep an eye out for Shuttle 6.0 heads(sometimes hard to find cheap), any GK micros, etc. For the top end of your range you could grab a nice used head and a used 112 cab..
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    My feelings exactly.

    The Ampeg mini stack is $100 or so more and much better in my A/B comparison at GC with the Acoustic mini stack.
  4. Didn't know Ampeg had a similar mini! Obviously Ampeg's reputation speaks for itself, so I'll definitely have to try that out.
  5. I like both the Ampeg and Acoustic mini-stacks. The B260 seems like a great buy if you can't really spend more. Plus, its a good upgrade platform. That big cab is just begging for an upgraded driver. The Ampeg's cab is too small to get much out of a driver upgrade. I have seen the Ampeg Micro VR with 210ave used for about the same price as the Micro CL. Just a thought.
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    This is what I put together: IMG_20130627_205805_102-1.jpg

    I bought the SVT-VR and cab separately, though. After a while, the cab started to "breathe" and put out some impressive volume by itself (no bothersome tweeter:D). From a product review on TB, circa 2009, the SVT micro is conservatively rated at 200 W at 4 Ohms. The reviewer tested its output closer to 260W @ 4 Ohms. Just food for thought...

    Review link: http://www.talkbass.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/1536/title/ampeg-micro-vr-head/cat/25

    Or, just ask JimmyM...
  7. I've had an Acoustic 260 for about a year. I play a Jack Casady bass and a Hofner bass through it. The single 10 inch speaker benefits from the larger tenant cabinet and the shelf port at the bottom to make a beautiful deep rich tone. It's easy to move around and I've been very pleased with it. Prior to using it, I used Ampeg B15s, a Trace Elliot and a SWR 15inch combo. I'm absolutely delighted with the amp.
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    I owned the B20 a couple of years ago and I agree with the OP about how nice it sounds. I currently own the 260 rig and must admit I have more mixed feelings about it.

    On the plus side it's reasonably priced, has a great tone at reasonable volume levels, and is more versatile compared to most similarly-priced combos.

    The negatives are it's build quality reflects its price; the head is way too noisy running out of the XLR (I found this out today) to be used at a gig; and it's 100 watts does have a definite limit to how loud it can get, especially if you're playing alongside higher power.

    It's great to play in my music room and does deliver old school bass tone, but
    IMHO there are too many shortcomings outside of practicing alone to recommend it.

    Save your money and try to move higher up on the food chain. Good luck!